What does Four Corners do?

We offer CNC machining services including 3-d surfacing and 5-axis milling, moulding, edgebanding, and assembly services. We work with solid wood, panel products, plastics and non-ferrous metals.

Where is Four Corners located?

Our physical address is 5979 North Elm St., Millerton, NY 12546. Millerton is at the intersection of the NY-CT-MA state borders.

How did Four Corners, LLC get started?

David Brigham and Maggie Helck founded Four Corners, LLC, in 1995. At that point, David had spent over 10 years integrating CNC machines into woodshops. Maggie had been in production management for the better part of a decade in the apparel industry. The premise behind starting Four Corners was that in his consulting, David had noticed a number of companies which could benefit from CNC technology but which were not ready to invest in CNC equipment.